Don't have a Login?

If you do not yet have a login/password, or would like to open an account with Desco, call 1 800 833 3726 to obtain your credentials. Desco is a distributor of vacuum cleaner parts and does not service the general public, we only provide business to business services for vacuum cleaner stores.



2009-02-22 New Look and Feel!

We've recently re-designed our website, including some navigational changes, let us know how you like it.

2007-04-22 Can Now Change Passwords...

You can now change your password, just click "Change Password" in the right side navigation...

2007-03-17 Many New Features!

We've just launched many new features to make our site easier/quicker to use. Some of them include: Automatc account creation for desco customers, favorite Product lists, machine schematics, 'in-page' shopping cart, and product pics for certain machines. We hope you enjoy...

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